Bongiovi Media & Technology was founded in 2005 for the purpose of developing digital applications for its proprietary Digital Power Station (DPS) audio signal processing technology.

To date, over 50 US patents (also filed globally) have been issued for our Digital Power Station technology. These patents cover an extremely wide range of potential commercial applications of DPS.

BMT has created two innovation collaboratives for its DPS commercial applications.

BAL develops and licenses DPS enhancements for all types of consumer audio: this includes speakers, gaming devices, automotive sound systems and speaker-less aviation cabin entertainment systems.

Audio Lab 360 (AL360) explores the emerging frontiers of technology and the audio tool set we have created to develop these new frontiers.

The primary focus of AL360 is the enhancement of the human condition. Specific applications include: workplace safety, communication, personal health management and advanced machine diagnostics using AI.

Bongiovi Media & Technology

Our Team


Ron Simmons

Managing Director

Steve Lazin

Managing Director

Joseph Butera, Jr.

Managing Director

Deborah Jones



Joseph “Joey” Butera III

Chief Technology Officer, AI Specialist & Senior Audio Engineer

Ryan Copt

Senior Audio Engineer & Hearing Protection Specialist

Mark Harpster

Senior Audio Engineer & Technical Sales Manager

Phillip Fuller

Senior Audio Engineer & Professional Audio Specialist

Robert Summers III

Director of IT & Prototyping Specialist

David Lopez

Audio Engineer & AI Specialist

Litang “Tom” Ku

Director of China Operations/Senior Audio Engineer

Hu “Jeff” Zhifeng

Senior Audio Engineer, Automotive Sector

Yan Chen

Senior Audio Algorithm Designer

Sales & Marketing

Rob Roy

Director of Marketing, Hearing Protection Specialist & Senior Audio Engineer

Caroline Kou

International Sales & Asia Specialist


Marketing and Customer Relations

Social Media & Promotion and Technical Support

Joe Beaty

Project Manager, Social Media Coordinator

Dan Rice

Product Specialist, Social Media Coordinator

Janine Papio

Director of Social Media Strategies

Peter Greco

Director of Creative Strategies

Aaron Padin

Creative Strategies Specialist

Medical Business Unit

Dr. James Hughes

Medical Director

Dr. Daniel Weiss

Chief Medical Officer

Garry Zage, R.Ph

Creative Strategies Specialist

Dr Gordon Downie


Dr. Thomas Haffey

D.O., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.O.I., F.N.L.A. – Cardiologist

Dr. Stan Phillips

MD – Ear, Nose & Throat

Aviation Business Unit

Heath Cohen

Director of Marketing, Aviation Business Unit

James Marvin

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Hamelink

Director of Product Development

Brian Servis PhD

Director of Engineering

Intellectual Property

The BMT Intellectual Property portfolio is comprised of specialized patents for both novel hardware, machine learning and software audio based solutions. 

BMT hardware solutions utilize our proprietary designs for audio collection and reproduction in diverse locations ranging from studio and clinical settings to the most acoustically hostile field environments.

BMT software solutions span a vast horizon of applications including:

Audio Enhancement


Speech Intelligibility

Situational Awareness

Audio Sensory Immersion

Transducer based Lightweight Speaker-less Audio

Audio Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Biological Audio Processing and Analysis

Strategic Partners